Sfoglina: Pasta Pasta Pasta House

Sfoglina Pasta HouseRESTAURANT:  Sfoglina Pasta House

ADDRESS: 4455 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008

GENRE: Italian

AFFORDABILITY: Most entrees are in the mid-20s or more and the portion sizes are filling, but not huge.

PARKING: Paid street parking available and they will validate up to 2 hours in the nearby Colonial Parking Garage (4445 Connecticut Ave). Also a very short walk from the Van Ness metro station (Red Line).

VENUE: The restaurant has a very nice, cozy, upscale wooden interior that provides a nice intimate setting. However, it’s not too formal that it could serve as a great restaurant for a fancy meal or a nice lunch to catch up with friends.

GENERAL: We did not come in with a reservation but were seated quickly. Offered complimentary bread and our waters were refilled often. The food came out quickly as well – overall good service!

THE FOOD:  It’s a pasta house so a majority of the items are (shockingly) pasta, but there are some non-pasta items as well. Everything on the menu looked absolutely delicious. While portion sizes are not huge, it seemed that each entrée would be filling which was great. I was torn between ordering a couple of pastas, but I finally decided on the Neopolitan Macheroni (Pesto Genovese, Artichokes, witih Pine Nut Crumble).

I really did not know what kind of pasta to expect (I saw Macheroni and thought Kraft Mac’n’Cheese pasta size) and ended up with these large looped pieces that were great. The pieces might have almost been too large, but that also could have been me still recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction. The pasta was cooked the perfect amount and the pesto was delicious. The artichokes were nice and soft (but still had a firmness to maintain its shape) and did not have an overpowering flavor. The pine nut crumble added a nice crunch, but I wasn’t really feeling it. Part of that could have been due to my dental procedure, but the change in texture was still much appreciated from the overall softness of the dish.

I definitely would recommend it, and I hope to try some of the other pastas and seafood pastas they offer soon!

ACCOMODATIONS: A large array of vegetarian options available. Like surprisingly large array.

OVERALL: I was satisfied! It’s a fancy restaurant so definitely on the pricier side, and the portions won’t stuff you, but you won’t leave hungry. The quality is really high and it was a good meal. Everything look delicious on the menu that I really wish I could order it all. It’s definitely a cool restaurant with great vibes to try out and bring friends to.

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Fry’s Spring Station: UVA Gem on JPA


RESTAURANT: Fry’s Spring Station

DATE OF VISIT: 5/1/17 and 5/12/17

ADDRESS: 2115 Jefferson Park Avenue (corner of JPA and Alderman, near the Jefferson Scholars’ Foundation Building) right on the Inner/Outer Loops

GENRE: “Industrial-styled” Pizza and Italian Eats

AFFORDABILITY: For the amount and quality of food, it definitely is on the affordable end for college students looking for a great sit down restaurant to bring family, friends, dates, etc. Entrees in the $10 to $15 range with a great amount of food.

PARKING: Free parking along parts of JPA and also across the street at the other shopping complexes.

VENUE: Casual, great for families, but can also be fancy. Does offer a fine drink selection with wine and beer for those interested and fancier options.

GENERAL: Fry’s Spring Station is definitely one of those gems near grounds that I think is super underrated. I had always heard amazing things about their brunch, but was super excited to go for dinner there twice in early May. A fire station turned restaurant definitely gives the restaurant a cool look. It was pouring rain both times I went, so I couldn’t eat outside, but they open the “garage” doors when the weather is nice giving the restaurant a cool indoor/outdoor feel. The staff is super friendly and both times the food arrived fairly quickly. Also cool that they have some high tables with board games making it for a fun time with friends depending on what you are looking for.

From my experience and observations, the restaurant seemed LGBTQ+ and POC friendly. Did not take note if there were gender neutral bathrooms.

THE FOOD: For Appetizer, I strongly recommend the Angry Grandma. Cheese curds (or wings) smothered in a sauce, topped with radishes, cilantro, scallions, fried chili crisps, and a great ranch dipping sauce. Cheese curds are absolutely delicious and were a great way to start the meal (how can you go wrong with fried cheese?) The radishes provided the perfect complement with a great sour taste that somehow my friends and I could not get enough of.

The first time I went I ordered the Funghitown pizza (Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions, White Sauce, House Mozzarella, Arugula) and the second time I ordered a Margherita (Housemade Mozzarella, Crushed Tomato, Basil, Olive Oil).

The Funghitown was definitely delicious. I had to take a little less than half home because it was so filling. There is a lot of Arugula on top, but easy to pick-off if you are not a fan. The caramelized onions provided the perfect balance of sweet with the savory of the scrumptious white sauce. The mushrooms were a flavorful addition that definitely helped make it a filling meal.

The Margherita was a lot sweeter than I expected, but was definitely a solid gourmet pizza and I would eat it again. The homemade mozzarella was super fresh and the olive oil was not too overbearing.  Don’t expect to take leftovers because it is a lot less dense, which was a little bit disappointing after having eaten such a filling Funghitown the week before (I love leftovers!), but still a tasty option that I would eat again.

For dessert both times I ordered the Fried Pizza Dough. Essentially glazed strips of donuts made from pizza dough (definitely have a taste difference from donuts though so don’t think you’re just ordering classic Krispy Kreme’s or something like that); they were absolutely delicious. Warm and fresh from the fryer, they came with a silky mocha-nutella dipping sauce that complemented it super well. Honestly, I think I’m probably just going to order the Fried Pizza Dough to-go whenever I want a sweet bite because it is so good.

I think next time I go, I definitely want to check out their drink selection. What’s cool is, even though they have a ton of alcoholic drinks, they have a fairly sizable and somewhat-unique non-alcoholic beverage section. I’m looking forward to trying some of those out! Also I hear a lot about their brunch selection, so I definitely want to check that out as well.

OVERALL: You’ll most definitely find something you’ll want to eat and leave with both your stomach and wallet happy. Again, a well-kept, versatile place to just eat a decent meal at a decent price with friends or loved ones. Super close to grounds and honestly a much better ambiance than many places on the corner (also probably easier to find free parking nearby).